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In the distant past, Smush sent out a weekly newsletter. You can find that newsletter's archives below.

Issue 1, Vol. I
7/17/2001 (5k)
Album Redesign, New Singles, New Album in the Works, A Day in the Life, Touring?
Issue 2, Vol. I
7/25/2001 (8k)
The Beginning, Music, Interview, Classics, Another Day in the Grinder
Issue 3, Vol. I
8/01/2001 (7k)
More of the Beginning, New Music, R.F. is Back, Classics
Issue 4, Vol. I
8/08/2001 (8k)
Tales From Under the Hood, R.F. Update, Don't Read This Part
Issue 5, Vol. I
8/29/2001 (7k)
Intro, Classics, You are the Perfect Slug, Little Heads
Issue 6, Vol. I
9/05/2001 (11k)
POP-UP Smush Newsletter - Intro, Classics, You are the Perfect Slug, Little Heads
Issue 7, Vol. I
9/12/2001 (8k)
Broken Monitors, New Smush Music, Classics, The Wurlitzer of Wisdom
Issue 8, Vol. I
9/19/2001 (8k)
Gear, New Smush Music, Classics, Seeyaz
Issue 9, Vol. I
10/03/2001 (9k)
Floor of Sound, Screenshots, New Smush Music, Misunderstandings, Classics
Issue 10, Vol. I
10/10/2001 (11k)
Walking on Sound, The Smush Music Theory Primer (a must read!!) and New Smush Music
Issue 11, Vol. I
10/17/2001 (6k)
Theory Warning, Album is Out, New Smush Music, I Don't Love You
Issue 12, Vol. I
10/24/2001 (6k)
We Goofed, New Smush Music, Classics
Issue 1, Vol. II
05/09/2002 (8k)
New Smush Music, Employment, Classics
Issue 2, Vol. II
05/17/2002 (8k)
Good Smush For Pop Mush, New Smush Music, Potential, Classics

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