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Fear the Downbeat

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Track details:
01. ummlemonhead download1:37
Umm, Mr. Mediochre has blessed us with full stomachs, and loverly sequenced sound modeling has ensued. A pox upon your competitor's ears!
02. mour.f. and lemonhead download1:10
mouse eater -- r.f., the master percussionist, drum machine tamer, and possible descendent of mao tse tung has brought you this masterpiece! it's too good for you game developers, that's what i say.
03. pyrlemonhead download2:04
icicle pyramids -- nothing like a good frozen acoustic waltz starring the classic pair of guitar and vibraphone to brighten your day. and chill you to the very bone!!
04. boprubbahead download1:01
rubbahead has been having a little competition with himself to write the most painful song... this might well be the winner.
05. jsmlemonhead download2:19
A good friend of ours named JSM gave us a pancake recipe that contented us enough so that we didn't have to write our usual angsty puff piece but could concentrate on jazzy goodness like this.
06. daelemonhead download1:26
Just like daedalus, we flew towards the sun, and this song is like icarus, because it died a horrible death by falling into the surface of the sun.
07. gbclemonhead download1:50
Grande Buoy Cougar. This was made with a few oscillators, a noise source, and lots of postprocessing. Just like the Cougars that are standing on Buoys so as not to fall into the water below, except really big.
08. fnklemonhead download1:56
funktroz. computer-performed funk wah-wah guitar combined with the classic sensibilities of scandinavian gabber.
09. hamlemonhead download0:39
if i had green eggs and ham, i'd ham it up in the morning with a fox
10. frtrubbahead download1:01
(flying )f(o)rt(ress). these are the machines that make work for the boys in red. they emit basslines low enough to cause diarrhea in small children.
11. gillemonhead download1:51
gil(t n64). this song is named after our specially made golden Nintendo 64 video game system... not only is it made of gold, it makes bowser's nose appear to be electroplated with gold in super mario 64, too! oh, happy day!
12. grdlemonhead download1:34
greedy gordon picked a peck of pickled peppers, then took a noise-drum track and layered synth melodies on top of it, in a manner not unlike a musician. you know, those types that make music.
13. marlemonhead download2:40
marcel bougewozzy plays slide guitar in this latin pop piece. his dog backs him up with some traditional mexican synth lines.
14. FF6The Desperate Monkey, produced by Lemonhead download1:26
Facial Fantasy Six. The Desperate Monkey tells us this song was inspired by the fantastic stretchable Mario face in Super Mario 64! I bet Donkey Kong is jealous as all get-out!
15. hlprubbahead download0:46
help! rubbahead is holding an unlistenable song contest in my head, and he's written all the entries himself!
16. csolemonhead download2:44
csok it to me!
17. matrubbahead download1:26
What do you call a guy named Mat on the floor? The blues! He was lying there because he crawled into my room to ask me what I was playing. When I said smush, he said it was horrible, and it had just woken him up. He said it was the worst way he'd ever woken up in his life. I have woken him up by throwing shoes at him.
18. hrnRubbahead download1:07
h(o)rn(s). This song was inspyred by the set of horns sitting on the mantel of Rubbahead's best friends dad's house, right on top of the head of a mouselope. Cute bugger.
19. moorubbahayid download1:04
Right before we slaughtered our pet cow, we gave it a guitar so it could perform its swan song. Not only do we get to appreciate the beauty of one who has looked death straight in the eye, the sirloin was mighty tasty. Heartless, you say? No, we've got it right here!
20. maslemonhead download3:27
this isn't quite free jazz, because we've never felt so chained to one particular chord progression as with this song... but it's pretty close!the solo near the end sounds improvised, but it's not. we wrote every note, and it took more takes than you can imagine to get it right! the rest was done all in one take, electric piano and all.
21. nwlrubbahead download0:58
rubbahead has been having a little contest with himself to see who can make the most unlistenable song. this one might be the winner.
22. osilemonhead's code download0:55
The Open Source Initiative says NO to atonal, algorithmic music, even if it's easy to listen to!
23. poplemonhead download2:39
Hop on pop and maybe he'll expel a tinny remix of SMO, with %30 more harmonies at no extra charge! We buy in volume and pass the savings on to you!
24. viklemonhead download1:04
This piece indicates viktory! We won our lifelong battle with William H. Macy, author of the Lord of the Flies!
25. quelemonhead download1:42
this is the kind of thing you get when you check into a hotel room for the night drunk with a four track and a casio mt-68. story of my life, really.
26. arblemonhead and a polterghost. download1:02
We know our house is haunted, because Rubbahead says he feels violated every night. So I put out this tape to record what happens at night. After some cleaning up, this is what happened.
27. rndrubbahead download0:49
The hole that emits these noises is r(ou)nd.
28. rublemonhead download2:01
rub-a-dub dub three reggae musicians in a tub all playing singing different tunes.
29. shklemonhead download1:57
This track was done with the Boland Sharkie monosynth that we borrowed -- a very distinctive sound!
30. sdjlemonhead download2:19
Sad Juggs. I was reading Juggs magazine, when a friend of mine came inside with a $10 jug of wine. He was very sad, so I gave him my copy of Juggs. I thought it would be funny if the Juggs were sad! We shared a laugh at their expense and played this beautiful guitar duet. Hah!
31. smdlemonhead download2:18
sex, money, death. the three food groups never sounded better!
32. taklemonhead download2:04
Rubbahead and Lemonhead... the taker and the tooken... but which is which?
33. thilemonhead download1:49
she lopped off my theis!!
34. umalemonhead download1:42
This song is preparing to pounce on you just like a P(uma). Hence the name. Get it?
35. verlemonhead download1:27
verbose jazz. complex melodies that chop off the fingers on your left hand, one at a time. then there's a key change and we switch to your right!
36. youlemonhead download1:49
this was written just for you, yes, you, the individual, not just you, collective mass! not that you're not a collective mass.
37. ff5The Desperate Monkey, produced by Lemonhead download0:33
Facial fantasy five. The Desperate Monkey keeps seeing faces with milk mustaches, except the milk is all over the faces instead of just on the upper lip.
38. zztrubbahead download1:16
zzt! this entry to rubbahead's "most painful song" competition will leave your hair standing on end!
Total playing time: 61:32

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