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High up in the Ground

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Track details:
01. acdRUBBAHEAD download2:18
zzt! this entry to rubbahead's "most painful song" competition will leave your hair standing on end!
02. drmlemonhead download0:48
philip dr(u)mmond
03. acklemonhead download1:34
This is our electronic interpretation of the old classic folk song, Auld Lang Syne... we put a new-wave spin to it that we think you'll enjoy.
04. ambRuBBAHEAD download1:12
amb[ient]: Rubbahead was hanging a clock above the toilet when he slipped and hit his rubba head on it. When he woke up, he had the melody of this song running through his head.
05. aqalemonhead download1:08
aq(u)a: A friend of mine said that he could just see this song being played on that late night MTV techno video show. I forget the name. Amp? Anyways, we were chagrined so we added those drums and he agreed that no way would it fit now.
06. bbslemonhead download1:58
b(ig) b(rass) s(lammer): Remember pogs? Well back in the 1th grade, Rubbahead was addicted to playing that game and he had this awesome big brass slammer. He would slam all day long, and Lemonhead wrote this ballad to mourn the loss of his friend. Isn't it beautiful?
07. chplemonhead download2:43
ch(im)p: One day a tech brought a video tape of a chimpanzee eating potato chips into the studio and we had to watch it a whole bunch of times before we could get working on the song, but the sound of him munching away kept drilling holes into our skulls, so we had to stop the song to make a song out of it. If you listen closely, you can hear him yacking away.. crunch.. crunch..
08. dnylemonhead download1:05
I wrote these lyrics after meeting a freaky guy named Danny. He kept going on about spontaneous decombustion. Then he moved to Texas. So I went home and wrote a song about him. We've never matched lyrics to an actual melody before, so we made it a rap song, and we've never matched lyrics to a beat before either, so we made it a bunch of panning sine waves. But it's cool, eh? I should play it for Danny, if I ever see him again. He still owes me twenty bucks, too.
09. ludRUBBAHEAD download0:46
10. dudruBBahead download1:24
One 4th of July Rubbahead was lighting M-80s in his garage. Then one of them just wouldn't go off. He got pissed, and went on for 10 minutes about how the companies that made the fireworks didn't give a damn about their products and that he was going to make all of his own fireworks in the future. Well, the next 4th of July, he brought out a crate of those discs that turn into long ropes of ash when you light them and none of them worked. Turned out they were Rolos.
11. fumlemonhead download1:00
12. gdsRuBbAHeAD download1:14
gathering of developers sucks
13. gitRubbAHeAD download2:06
14. grtlemonhead download0:43
15. gumlemonhead download1:59
he's, by gum!
16. heblemonhead download1:11
"is that a h(e)rb?" "no, herb."
17. higsupadupa rubbahaed!!!!!!!!!!!11 download1:12
high up in the ground
18. indlemonhead download1:22
19. jiblemonhead download1:24
jib(lets). i've been jibbed!
20. kbllemonhead download1:41
k(hello) b(e)l(ow)
21. knglemonhead download1:32
(am the) kng
22. votlemonhead download1:43
(don't forget to) vot(e)
23. witlemonhead download0:37
oDwn With Midi!
24. yerlemonhead download2:39
25. zitlemonhead download0:51
z(orkm)i(d) (tri)t
26. loplemonhead download0:58
she lopped off my laigs!
27. noelemonhead download1:08
my sources say noe
28. oiklemonhead download1:22
29. ot2rubbahead download1:09
otay2 mom
30. otyrubbahead download1:32
otay dad, calm your ass down
31. philemonhead download1:33
for SOME people, making music involves an act of CREATION.
32. raplemonhead download1:20
{plastic} [w]ra(s)p
33. rawrubbahead download1:32
a night of raw tree lovin'
34. ruxlemonhead download1:32
35. snrsupadupa rubbahead!!!!!!!!!!! download1:29
36. soblemonhead download1:15
bo(t)s backwards
37. tiplemonhead download1:24
no beans in the tip jar. only bread, ma'am, only bread.
38. tnalemonhead download0:56
argen T(i)na
39. skaRUBBAHEAD download1:01
40. be2headrubba download0:48
i got da beet 2: This was another BEET song written by rubbahead because he hadn't REALLY proved that he had the beat the first time around. It could've been a fluke, ya know?
Total playing time: 55:09

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