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Track details:
01. space bollockslemonhead download3:24
The new original! I wrote this back before I forgot how thru-composition worked. For this rerelease I gave it a significant makeover by tuning the instruments. Circa 1996.

A#: I bVII bVI

02. crimsonlemonhead download1:15
I'm still not clear on whether I stole the ending flourish from somebody. It's too perfect. Circa 2000.

c: i VI VII iii

03. pete and re-petelemonhead download1:22
I only discovered later that the two parts are different harmonizations of the same melody. Circa 2000.

a#: i VII

04. doolielemonhead download1:49
Doolies, not doobies! Circa 2000.

d#:i iv

05. hyperelationlemonhead download2:56
20 IQ points up from SuperElation. Circa 1997.

b:i VII VI i VII

06. simpletonlemonhead download2:29
I wrote some terrible lyrics for this once but luckily for you the tracker format doesn't support vocals without significant effort. Circa 2000.

e:i VII iv v VII
VII iv I v

07. three-toed tree trodlemonhead download4:05
Coming in at almost under four minutes, it's the Trod! I wrote this for MC5, and was incensed by the four minute song limit that MC5 had instituted at the time. This song was about five and a half minutes long, if I recall correctly. If only I'd realized that with just a little bit more musical taste, the song would be just about four minutes anyways. Circa 2001.

c:i VII i

08. mola ramenlemonhead download1:47
Not molé. That's different. This one won't rip your heart out, either. Circa 2000.

c:i VI

09. shadowslemonhead download1:52
One of several songs I wrote for an unreleased game. Circa 2000.

a#:i VI VII bII

10. joltlemonhead download1:44
This comes from a combined inspiration of Necros's "Mindspring" and Chris's cover of Boards of Canada's "Olson." Circa 2000.

e:i vi VII

11. sam i amlemonhead download1:43
I sam? I got nothin'. This song is uncomfortably similar to one on the Blaster Master soundtrack. Circa 2000.

c:i v i III

12. telemonchlemonhead download2:39
Nom nom nom. Circa 1996.

between c and c#:i VI
i III i VI

13. arson threelemonhead download2:12
In three-dee!! This was the unofficial sequel to "Arson" and "Arson Two." Chris tells me that the inspiration for Arson was Orbital's "The Girl With the Sun in Her Head," a connection I hadn't made at the time, so it's odd that Arson 3 was even more similar to the Orbital song. Circa 2000.

d:i VII iv iii

14. nimblelemonhead download2:10
As a thimble? No. Maybe. Circa 2000.

d:i iii i VII
F:I vi V IV

15. the candygramlemonhead download3:39
Nom nom nom. Circa 2001.
16. valkyrie shot the foodlemonhead and R.F. download1:52
And the sheriff. Trackers are really not cut out for plausibly simulating all the nuances of an orchestral performance. Thanks to R.F. for making it an electronica song by adding the drum loop.

C:i V i III IV vi V vi
c:i VII i VII

17. clockwormlemonhead download3:07
I recall writing this because I was annoyed that the "The Space Under the Window" pan-media art festival that Andrew Plotkin had entered with his IF piece "The Space Under the Window" didn't permit musical entries. But it seems like the art festival has since vanished from history and Plotkin's piece is now the only thing you find googling for that name, so I have the last laugh. Ha! Circa 2001. Ha.
18. lust panlemonhead download3:31
Like a bedpan, but hard left and/or right.
19. polygluttonlemonhead download2:46
Buy one get one free! There are several. Circa 2001.

d:i VII iii bII

20. juarez, my liverlemonhead and arclight download6:05
Juar could it be? I added the key change for the remaster because listening to the same chord drone for six minutes was unpleasant. I also cut it down from about 9 minutes. Circa 1997.

f#:v i

21. horse eaterlemonhead download2:15
I originally wrote this in a competition with Chris to see who could write the best song that's at least 4 minutes long and only uses five samples. I ended up combining several drum sounds into the same sample, selecting which drum to play by using the sample offset command. I was disqualified because I forgot to make my song long enough. Circa 2000.

c:i VI

22. wax ruckwartslemonhead download4:28
The waxiest of ruckwarts. Circa 1997.
23. awrylemonhead and the desperate monkey download5:24
I probably wrote this after listening to a lot of Jean Michel Jarre. Chris wrote the second half. Thanks for saving our ears with that key change, Christ! I mean, Chris! Circa 1997.

c:I bVII I iii v
d:I bVII I iii v

24. drop the goo doogerlemonhead download2:29
Or the do-gooder gets it! This required a significant re-mix to be listenable at a decent volume on a decent pair of headphones. Circa 2001.
25. aqua petzoldlemonhead download2:26
I can't tell you how surprised I was that that the buildup at the end of the intro was just bVI and bVII over and over again. Well, I was pretty surprised, anyways. Circa 2000.


26. brigadoon buggylemonhead download3:59
Oh mans, I can't wait to get my own. Circa 2001.

between D and D#:I v V IV

Total playing time: 73:28

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