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Life Begins at Forty

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Track details:
01. bingo was his name-olemonhead download1:41
you can hear lemonhead singing this classic. he has a slight speech impediment and also tourettes syndrome, so please go easy on him in the feedback. this had dr. dre on production. no, not that dr. dre. a local dr. dre. his name is actually dre. he nearly had a heart attack when he heard the album "the chronic", but he's a doctor, so he gets a discount in the emergency room. so it turned out ok.
02. fanlemonhead download2:21
"Fan Bladez" Rules O.K.! Did you know that Elvis was killed by fan bladez?
03. kobrubbahead and lemonhead download1:01
The trumpet part makes me feel kind of blue. but the perfect bass line fills my heart with joy.
04. qvclemonhead download1:15
quantum vacuum cleaner.
05. rvslemonhead download14:35
Rvstic Firecreams. An esoteric experimental masterpiece in four parts: Ornery, Arpeggiation, Concilliatory, and Affiliation. Professor Korneitchouk, this one's for you!
06. tntlemonhead download2:35
me and rubbahead found a crate of TNT in our backyard. we have no idea how it got there.
07. pbslemonhead download3:09
putrid brine stench. we found a box of TNT in our backyard and it had a putrid brine stench.
08. zblrubbahead, produced by lemonhead download0:54
09. zdplemonhead download1:19
ZeanDip... come and dip your tortilla chips into my Processed Zean. And then listen to this fantastic electronic bluegrass.
10. chzRubbalemonhead download0:44
Rubbahead's House MegaCheeze -- with some pain thrown in, because you deserve it for listening to House!
11. mexrubbahead, produced by lemonhead download0:48
this is the second song in the TexMex series. reminds you of your grandmother pinching your cheek, doesn't it?
12. hbolemonhead download0:54
i don't got cable... i got da blues
13. ballemonhead download0:39
stuart dropped the ball.
14. EtMlemonhead download1:43
EaTing Mushrooms.
15. evilemonhead download0:56
evin dropped the guitar riffs. we had to fill in for him with a razor and splicing tape.
16. dumrubbahead, produced by lemonhead download0:47
we think your dum!
17. shtrubbahead download0:31
this song is short as da shoe.
18. cnnrubbahead, overproduced by lemonhead download1:10
country-style nighttime nihilism
19. ff1lemonhead download1:08
Facial Fantasy 1: This song was inspired by the antics of the three stooges... what funny faces they had! Moe, with his bowl haircut and pug nose, what a character!
20. ff2lemonhead download2:02
Facial Fantasy 2: This song was inspired by the fresh faces you see each year in the film industry -- it's always good to see something new!
21. FF3rubbahead download2:07
Facial Fantasy 3. When we shoot the video for this song, we'll be sure to get a lead singer so the camera can stay on his or her face all the time, because naturally none of the people with the actual talent are worth looking at.
22. ff4lemonhead download0:56
Facial Fantasy Four. I saw a face on Mars and wrote this song. No, not that face on Mars, it was another one!
23. fstlemonhead download0:45
Fistance... I saw a huge ant just a few minutes ago. It must've been 3 inches long. I tried to hit it with a shoe, but there was no corpse when I picked it up, and I have no idea where it went. I know it's not an acid flashback because I've never taken acid. I hope it didn't crawl into my shoe because I have to go to work in a few hours.
24. pkaRubbaHayeeeed download0:53
punk ska with a country twist
25. clhRubbahead download1:00
Clave Hell.
26. scllemonhead download1:05
This is my latest attempt at creating a Sound Sculpture. Unfortunately, it has no arms or head!
27. igelemonhead download1:03
bottomless pigeons. we got a player piano for our studio not too long ago. we made this piano song by handpunching a piano roll. brings back the days of punched tape at MIT.
28. outlemonhead download2:12
outside. i wrote this song outside. outside the box!! i usually compose inside a cardboard box, you see, and this was an attempt at breaking the habit. it wasn't entirely successful, as i'm sure you can tell.
29. bumrubbahead, produced by lemonhead download0:43
this came from my musical bum.
30. rshlemonhead download1:35
Marshal Walker, Texas Ranger. The ending was his idea. We've never done anything like it before!
31. sctlemonhead download0:54
32. tchrubbahead, produced by lemonhead download0:47
tch... there's dust in the wind, as evidenced by this song. just like the dust kicked up by wagons pulled by a couple of oxes.
33. tamrubbahead download1:00
Trampled. We went trampling tambourines today. Then we added an extra snare to give it a surfy feel!
34. thelemonhead download0:47
i dedicate all frequencies above 1000hz in this song to the aurora borealis.
35. winlemonhead download1:12
we won a ham radio by sending a post card to ham radios intl. you can too! but that's not what this story is about. anyways, we used it to record electrical signals from a weather storm we had. since high frequencies travel faster than slow ones, it appeared that the sound of the lightning was going down in pitch! about halfway through the song you can hear a mariachi band walk past our window.
36. wssrubberhead and lemonhead (rubba) download0:46
37. texrubbahead, produced by lemonhead download0:50
The first part of the Tex-Mex series, this song evokes the bouncing of a child inside an inflatable castle.
38. shxlemonhead and the nutty professor download1:15
Shucks, fellas. When we asked the dub master The Nutty Professor to remix our classic sh(ar)k(ies), we never knew it would turn out this good. We hear it's going on his new album, The Nutty, Nutty, Nutty, Nutty, Nutty Professor.
Total playing time: 60:02

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