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Track details:
01. ittlemonhead download1:59
02. smbRUBBAHEAD download2:58
03. chblemonhead download2:15
chiggerbum: This song was written about a good friend of ours named R.F. who died last week. He had finally signed a recording contract with RCA records and was on the way to the studio for his first recording session when he tripped on a garden hose and broke his skull on the curb. We'll miss you, R.F.!
04. brplemonhead download1:58
b(u)rp. This is named after the burp song that you hear on the radio all day every day. You know how it goes... buuuuurpp.. burrpp. burpp. buuuuuuurpp... burpp. burpp. buuuuuuurpp.. etc. etc. If you don't know the song I mean, well they stopped playing it on the radio a couple of years ago.
05. betruBBAhead download1:11
i got the beet: The day before this was written, LEmonhead told rubbahead that he couldn't make a beat for the nose on his face! Rubbahead bet his nose that he could, and came up with this awesome song. IT blew lemonhead away, so we had to use it.
06. bbdrubba/lemonhead download2:14
bel biv devo - bbd is a mix of R&B and Devo: We came up with R&B drums and bass first, and swung it around a bit, cause that adds to the groove. Then RUBBAHEAD walked into the studio blasting Devo on the headphones. He never listens to anything but death metal, so we were shocked... it turns out he likes the lyrics. Anyways, we heard the catchy riffs in their songs, and decided to make our new song catchy as well!
07. movlemonhead download1:20
movl (%esi), %ebx
08. af5Ell - eee - emm - ene - head (lemon) download1:09
alfa phu*k phive: this song was inspired by my Radio Flyer... I was rollin down the street when I was young, and it tipped me out. I had a bloody nose. You can hear the anger in the beginning of this song, and later the remorse after I felt guilty for breaking it.
09. dielemonhead download1:24
This song is about the people who spraypaint things like "All [demographic group] will die!!" on the subway walls! Of course they will die! Everyone dies some day.
10. ehrrubba/lemonhead download0:40
This is a remix of an old tune that Rubbahead wrote for his heavy metal band a few years ago. People would say that he was really "eccentric", so he named the tune "eccentric horror rock".. and that's what it was! When we remixed it, we think we kept the eccentric horror part but tossed the rock through the window of your musical sensitibilities.
11. kozR.F. and Lemonhead download1:29
k(lept)o(maniacs ... gad)z(ooks!)
12. momlemonhead download1:06
we're number one! hi mom!
13. mtllemon head, rubba head, and ma bell. head. download1:16
this song was from our "phonecast" broadcast. we put the fone in the middle of the room and called 3-way to everybody we knew to have the listen to us live. this is that recording edited in sound forge
14. OgHRUBBAHEAD download1:02
Oregon Hell
15. nitlemonhead download1:20
nitfol, nitefol, loftin, lofting
16. oohrubberhead (rubba) download1:16
ohh ooh ohh ooh
17. forlemonhead download1:17
for(TY) OZ. of breakbeats.
18. quxlemonhead download1:10
19. wrdrubba/lemonhead download0:28
20. zmolemonhead download1:42
hail to the (no)zmo(king), baby.
21. xwelemonhead download1:19
xen wasabi dert
22. xiflemonhead download1:26
23. ughlemonhead download0:51
(h)ugh (who?)
24. stklemonhead download1:48
25. shplemonhead download1:13
26. SeXrubbahead download1:10
SeX is WHAT this song is about.
27. saplemonhead download1:13
s(l)ap. or if you prefer, s(n)ap.
28. ertlemonhead download0:51
(b)ert.. This song is named after the duo of cops in the fabulous movie It's A Wonderful Life (if you haven't seen it in black and white, you haven't seen it), named Bert and Ernie. Or maybe it's Burt and Ernie. I don't know how to spell it.
29. dew13m0nh34d download2:30
[mountain] dew: Da 303 action. This was "written" after listening to one too many acid songs on the mp3.com top 40. We did it just to prove to ourselves that any moron could do good sounding acid techno if you just stop being creative and tweak the 303s. We almost decided to put it in "satire" but decided too many people wouldn't get it.
30. flurubbahead download1:16
This guy burst into the studio with a flute. We never found out his name, but we recorded his skills and used them in this song. Did he have skills! He had an 8 octave range on that flute! He said he made it himself!
31. gaBRUBBAHeAD download1:47
32. hdarubba/lemonhead download1:18
high dick axis - dont' ask!!!!!!!!111
33. ftwrubbahead ON GUITAR download1:55
frosted wheaties - awesome guitar solo
34. ewnwho knows? (lemon) download2:46
H(ewn) in Stone
35. 303RUBBAHEAD download1:02
I got da 303 blues. I got da 303 blues. I got the can't write an acidline coz the interface gets in the way so I'll just take the batteries out 303 blues.
36. bielemonhead download2:47
blueberrie: This song was inspired by reading about cavemen who painted buffalo on their cave walls with ground up berries. If we were that creative with our music, we'd have ground up berrie music by now! It's too bad, that's what I say.
Total playing time: 54:26

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