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Track details:
01. starsitterlemonhead download2:23
Modern music's wistful, timeless answer to 1998's life-changing, chart-topping single, Flagpole Sitta.
02. vinR.F. download0:48
Tastes good on the vin! For years I have pushed it to the limit and R.F. still won't admit that he composed this song for more than just two guitars and two violins.
03. dummy loopslemonhead download1:59
The dummiest of loops.
04. baby busters #1lemonhead download0:15
Limited-edition first issue! Before they bowdlerized the team by replacing The Stomping Brute with The Miscarrier's lame telekinesis attack.
05. enolemonhead and the desperate monkey download4:21
Lemonhead and The Desperate Monkey team up to blow your mom's mind.
06. taplemonhead download1:00
Yeah? How does your slug go, bucko?
07. the sinking old sanctuarymichiru yamane and lemonhead download2:53
Having been originally composed under the constraints of the Sega Genesis sound hardware yet now set free, this song makes an interesting counterpoint to Green Island Tropical Forest Jungle, which was not composed under such constraints yet adheres to them anyway.
08. bpaR.F. download2:49
In R.F.'s own words, I prefer to let this bparre song speak for itself: hi, mom!
09. made scineythe desperate monkey download4:20
This song is dedicated to all the girls with a Body-Mass Index of under 18. Shoot me a text when you're legal, baby!
10. junlemonhead download1:12
Green tropical island forest jungle music composed for a low-gravity platformer for the Sega Genesis 1:20
11. fuglemonhead download0:15
According to the dog, this is a love song.
12. shakin' the i-ain't-fakin' baconR.F. download1:27
I worked with R.F. into the wee hours of the morning to try to fit another apostrophe into the title of this song, and finally we managed to slip one in, inside of "aint."
13. ahalemonhead download1:02
Did you know you needed a 303-driven re-envisioning of "hah"? Well, you do.
14. funk and counter-funkR.F. download0:43
Also, counter and funk-funk.
15. alsR.F. download0:30
Salsa! This little number supports up to three dancers at once. Competetive or coöperative multiplayer!
16. nhkk.c. kettle drum and lemonhead download2:01
¡Domo Arigato, Roboto Kun!
17. gudR.F. download0:59
Some good, clean fun. But is it Lawful-good or chaotic-good? We'll leave that up to our fawning critics.
18. ff7rubbahead download0:57
Fecal Fantasy 7.
19. the salt lick is lacedlemonhead download4:07
Call the constabulary! I'm detecting a hint of sweet, or bitter, or maybe umami.
20. mario ate my ballslemonhead download1:58
Excerpt from Nintendo of Japan vs. Lemonhead, ca. 2009:THE COURT: "Let me see. According to these records, the alleged infringement is entitled ... huh. Did he really?"MR. HEAD: "He did, your honor."THE COURT: "Case dismissed."
21. doslemonhead and rob hubbard download2:23
The Dos and Don'ts of the Dance of Steel.
22. lite my fire 2000robby krieger and lemonhead download2:35
2000 harrowing man-years after Robby Krieger produced his masterwork, science has finally found a route, however circuitous, by which to improve upon it.
23. lite my fire 2000 b.c.robby krieger and lemonhead download2:18
Lifted straight from the bloodiest years of the Atrocity Archives. We haven't even listened to this one for fear of our sanity, and the file might not even contain a valid mpeg stream, for all we know. We set the ID3 information using a command-line tool.
24. rumlemonhead download1:03
Wrickwrackrum approved of this song before changing his mind and race and gender.
25. binarial zebratic personsR.F. download2:14
What do you think of these persons. Pretty cool, eh? Eh?
26. putlemonhead download1:08
Put Putt-Putt in your Putrid, Puttering Pooter. And then podcast about it.
27. finite state washingmachinek.c. kettle drum and lemonhead download1:43
How finite is the ol' state-w? So finite.
28. figlemonhead download0:49
Foggy fig fun for you and me both!
29. wyyR.F. download1:52
Wyy do you hate Nintendo's billions?
30. erelemonhead download6:57
This ears have it in this vertical data compression experiment, satirizing electronica in an inspirational attempt to change the system from within.
31. apelemonhead and the dusty mandarin download0:14
A message to the Silent Pope: make some noise, mang!
32. yupShai'tan himself and also lemonhead download2:11
This joyful tune was part of the settlement we received after Rubba Head was wrongfully detained in hell, preventing him from contributing any music to this album. It is one of the up-tempo tunes they play over the PA System in Bass Drum Hell to keep morale high.
Total playing time: 61:26

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