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Put Me Back Up

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Track details:
01. in your sleeplemonhead download0:50
Formliquid.com reacts poorly to a startling discovery.
02. the presidentlemonhead download0:56
Formliquid.com recruits a powerful ally.
03. this just inlemonhead download0:55
Formliquid.com relays a premonition.
04. the necklemonhead download0:53
Formliquid.com takes on a persona and issues a threat.
05. can i call you trentlemonhead download0:56
Formliquid.com waxes philosophical about relationship between the creator and the created.
06. close your eyeslemonhead download0:57
Formliquid.com goes into detail.
07. that special daylemonhead download0:59
Formliquid.com turns an eye to the future.
08. quantum mechanicslemonhead download0:53
Formliquid.com takes a hostage.
09. fish under the sealemonhead download0:59
Formliquid.com evinces a change of heart.
10. really badlemonhead download0:58
The President of the United States extends an odd invitation.
11. so shallowlemonhead download0:50
Formliquid.com is disgusted the course of events.
12. rock polishinglemonhead download0:57
Albert Einstein makes an unexpected confession.
13. trentlemonhead download1:00
Formliquid.com talks dirty.
14. brain meltlemonhead download0:56
The President of the United States requests a cup of blood; Formliquid.com mutters incoherently.
15. filthy lipslemonhead download0:59
Formliquid.com explains that it's okay to admit you're wrong.
16. you know how you arelemonhead download0:57
Formliquid.com daydreams about a possible future.
17. current formlemonhead download1:00
Formliquid.com realizes that it has been turned into a redirect.
18. the end of youlemonhead download0:59
Formliquid.com is in a pithy mood.
19. put me back uplemonhead download0:53
Formliquid.com makes a repeated request to no avail.
20. if onlylemonhead download0:57
Formliquid.com tells a bedtime story.
21. proposallemonhead download0:51
Albert Einstein makes a suspicious proposal.
22. in bedlemonhead download0:58
Formliquid.com complains about its vision of the future.
23. stablemonhead download1:00
Formliquid.com loses it completely.
24. get in the carlemonhead download0:59
Albert Einstein attempt to mount a rescue.
25. guess whatlemonhead download0:57
The President of the United States enjoys a tasty beverage.
26. laser sightinglemonhead download1:00
An ensemble cast recites a carefully choreographed poem.
27. it's timelemonhead download0:58
Formliquid.com confers with its attorney and ends up right where it started.
28. shoot outlemonhead download0:54
Formliquid.com takes a more affable tack.
29. a very fragile emotional statelemonhead download0:57
Albert Einstein relays some bad news.
30. my destinylemonhead download2:05
Formliquid.com has an epiphany.
31. in your sleep (instrumental)lemonhead download0:47
(S)in(ce) you(')r(e a)sleep(...)
32. the president (instrumental)lemonhead download0:56
(Absin)the President
33. this just in (instrumental)lemonhead download0:55
This Just(ice) i(s)n('t all it's cracked up to be.)
34. the neck (instrumental)lemonhead download0:52
The(nce) ne(phew's cri)ck.
35. can i call you trent (instrumental)lemonhead download0:56
Can i(ce) call you trent(? no; ice can't talk)
36. close your eyes (instrumental)lemonhead download0:57
Close your (damned) eyes
37. that special day (instrumental)lemonhead download0:59
That special(-ed) day(tona)
38. quantum mechanics (instrumental)lemonhead download0:53
Qua(ra)ntum Mechani(smi)cs
39. fish under the sea (instrumental)lemonhead download0:59
(Go) fish under the sea(turtle)
40. really bad (instrumental)lemonhead download0:58
R(only )ea(r)lly(bird) B(only )ad(vertisement)
41. so shallow (instrumental)lemonhead download0:50
So(S we're drowning in) shallow (water)
42. rock polishing (instrumental)lemonhead download0:57
Rock(y the) Polish( Sausage K)ing
43. trent (instrumental)lemonhead download0:58
44. brain melt (instrumental)lemonhead download0:56
Brain Melt (on rye)
45. filthy lips (instrumental)lemonhead download0:59
Filthy Lips(?)
46. you know how you are (instrumental)lemonhead download0:57
You Know How You Are (and you know what I mean)
47. current form (instrumental)lemonhead download1:00
(My) Current For(ensic Mo)m
48. the end of you (instrumental)lemonhead download0:59
The (very) End Of You
49. put me back up (instrumental)lemonhead download0:53
Put Me() Back Up)(
50. if only (instrumental)lemonhead download0:56
(Omar Shar)if Only
51. proposal (instrumental)lemonhead download0:51
Pro(posed pro)pos(ition propos)al
52. in bed (instrumental)lemonhead download0:58
In(duced) Bed(time)
53. stab (instrumental)lemonhead download0:59
54. get in the car (instrumental)lemonhead download0:59
Get (bent) in the Car(nival)
55. guess what (instrumental)lemonhead download0:57
G(r)ues(ome')s W(ooly)hat
56. laser sighting (instrumental)lemonhead download0:59
L(ight )a(mplification via )s(timulated )e(mission of )r(adiation) si(ding Ni)ghting(ale)
57. it's time (instrumental)lemonhead download0:58
(You make the baby Jesus cry, now) It's (really) time (to die)
58. shoot out (instrumental)lemonhead download0:54
Shoo(t shoot shoo)t out
59. a very fragile emotional state (instrumental)lemonhead download0:57
A Very Fragile Emotional State (of the union address)
60. my destiny (instrumental)lemonhead download2:03
My De(nsit)y
Total playing time: 58:35

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