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Track details:
01. ovoxlemonhead download2:51
Stridently don your drifting cap and drift off to music-land with this music-oriented ovuncular lambchop. "Lambchop" is a kind of music, right?
02. rimushotto bungie jump!lemonhead download1:09
One day I was hanging a clock while safely jumping into a deadly ravine, and I slipped and hit my Lemon Head on the Lemon Toilet, and when I woke up I had the chord progression to this song running through my head!
03. i'll follow the sharklemonhead download2:11
I'm taking his portrait for use in a new shark-shaped gummy candy, but he keeps turning so I get his toothy side.
04. 3channel_bixinthe desperate monkey download2:55
This song used to be named 3channel Nixon, but changed its name so as not to be associated with the disgraced president.
05. photographshai'tan himself download0:53
If this song doesn't make you think of a photograph, something's wrong with you.
06. poddllemonhead download1:08
This song conveys what it's like to be up shit creek with a poddl. We're opening up a ride in Six Flags San Bernardino next Octember!
07. chip theorylemonhead download1:39
Remember, Music Theory is only a theory; we can't be sure that music really exists.
08. prelude viii in a-minorRachmaninoff and R.F. download1:41
R.F. brings you another classic that you can't get anywhere else. Have I mentioned that R.F. is dead, yet? I have? Oh.
09. the piano pashin epthe desperate monkey download3:13
There's pianos and there's pashin, and then there's this, the as-yet-unreleased precursor to the better-known Harpsichord Horrors and Accordion Admonishments EPs.
10. rubba-wedrubbahead and lemonhead download1:29
Rubbahead and I wrote this song to play at each other's weddings right before we got married. No, not to each other; we already had the same last name when we met. In the womb. No, not our mom's womb, sicko!
11. ungR.F. download1:25
This song is the sound of floating through space, clinging to a derelict asteroid. An asteroid that goes "ung ung ung."
12. n-chanlemonhead download1:28
N-Chaaan! Put down that shishi-odoshi and come inside and get your dinner!
13. auld lang synelemonhead and the smush orchestra download0:40
Our cover of the timeless public domain classic, and we brought all our friends to play along in a Partridge-Family-type situation! If you try to run a fourier transform on this song you'll end up with "syne" waves. Ha ha ha!
14. 486lemonhead download1:05
How many notes are in this song? We've delayed the album several times trying to answer this question, but mathematologists are still debating whether tremolo picking counts as one note or lots.
15. flackminsterhuffingtonthe desperate monkey download2:04
The Desperate Monkey gave this to his landlord in lieu of rent back in October. So technically this song is owned by one Flackminster Huffington, Esquire, and probably should've gotten his permission to put it on the album. I won't tell anyone if you won't.
16. rubba-deadrubbahead download0:48
Rubbahead wrote this song to play at my funeral right before he tried to kill me.
17. fun bladezlemonhead download1:25
Did you know Elvis was killed with Fun Bladez? Or was it Fern Bladez? Well, they were some kind of bladez, anyways.
18. sunken timpanic panicsquiddy von moonlight download0:48
You know what this song needs? More percussion. Hey kid, watch out you don't get a Timpanic Panic Attack.
19. organ purgatorylemonhead download1:32
You think you're going to heaven when you die, right? Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I can straight up guarantee that your pancreas is going straight to Bass Drum Hell.
20. chimerslemonhead download1:37
Inspired by Nicholas Cage's wacky hijinx in 8MM and Raising Arizona. Remember when he murdered all those masked dudes in time to Aphid Twix's block-rockin' IDM monsterpiece, "Come to Daddy"? Those were the days! Man, where was I again?
21. lazor wulfelemonhead download1:49
Ordinary Wulves are made of 99% non-lazor material, but not this one. A butcher, Grandma, by the name of Lazor Wulfe!
22. sawlemonhead download1:27
What is music if not the incessant sawing of the spheres? Amirite?
23. icyhot vapourublemonhead download1:29
If you're lucky, I'll've written the ending for this song before releasing the album. You're probably not lucky; I think I'm coming down with a terrible case of the icyhot vapours.
24. stash and re-stashlemonhead download2:13
Stash it in your stash.
25. 7-2beethoven and lemonhead download2:00
Watch out for Bloobers, Ludvig!
26. peelemonhead download0:15
Give me a pee! What's that spell? Pee!
27. chirp thrombosislemonhead download1:40
Now with less thrombosis!
28. jazzmaster (extra jazzy mix)lemonhead and the desperate monkey download1:32
How jazzy can a song get? We find out in this very special episode. Then we make it even jazzier, just for you, the listener!
29. mr. zebratori amos and lemonhead download1:09
Mr. Zebra, meet Mister Gargoyle. One of you plays the bass, right? Right, guys? I didn't just put together the most dynamic duo possible and forget the bass player, did I?
30. wud (unplugged)lemonhead download1:25
Unplugged and uninterested in being plugged, this song documents the making of wood.
31. rimushotto bungie jump (nes mix)lemonhead download1:08
This arrangement was arranged to sound like the joy of life itself is fucking you right in the ear.
32. ...R.F. download5:06
33. flackminsterhuffington (puppy dog mix)the desperate monkey and a small dog download2:01
We're thinking of making an entire album just of mixes of this song. Would your puppy like to be a part of it?
Total playing time: 55:15

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