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Floor of Sound

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Track details:
01. uselemonhead and rubbahead download0:49
we're givin' shout outs to all our homies out there. we'll catch the guys who are playing guitar and double bass in next time around.
02. Rumble at Rock Beachlemonhead download1:46
Me and Rubbahead got together the All-Star band from back in the day and played this tune that we composed back in the day, live at the one and only Rock Beach, as seen on TV. We charged admission and it went towards the benefit fund for starving artists like us. A lot like us.
03. xbalemonhead download2:04
this song is exbacerated by the use of oddly-intuitive tempo changes and quarter notes in the chorus. i swear, the samples are tuned properly.
04. ngolemonhead download1:44
Last Ta(ngo) Transmission - I wrote this waltz for strings, brass, and Pinto. It was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra of San Bernadino
05. neqlemonhead download1:28
the two meticulously crafted piano riffs in this non-eq'd song will quickly put you into a trance.
06. phdlemonhead download1:30
lemonhead graduated from berklee college of music with a phd in "good music"; this was his doctoral dissertation
07. qiplemonhead download2:22
power guitar, synth bass, simplistic drums. and someone idiot is playing with the volume knob the whole time.
08. DALlemonhead download0:49
Dr. ALkerman contains 3000% of the daily recommended allowance of sodium, so he changed his tune.
09. rn2lemonhead download2:19
This song is the spiritual sequel to RND. in terms of composition, it has its roots more in relatively traditional hard blues. And mariachi music.
10. bitlemonhead download1:46
a li'l bit of desk drawer action.
11. mtjlemonhead download1:42
"More Than Jake". rubbahead is a fan of Less Than Jake. I don't know if he thinks they're cute or what. They do have a certain Scooby Doo appeal... anyways, this song has more content behind it than all of their catalog put together! So, Less Than Jake, if you're man enough, see if you can come up with a song catalog that has more content than this song! If you can, I'll eat my hatte and my words!
12. slilemonhead download1:22
it's hip to be sli
13. flyrubbahead download0:58
this song sets the mood of being a fly. first, you're grooving on the wall and revving up your wings. then suddenly you take off! and at the end there's no closure, just like in a real fly life.
14. irelemonhead download0:52
dislike this song and risk ire.
15. bubrubbahead and lemonhead download1:51
hey bub. where's bob? ha ha.
16. biglemonhead download0:55
girl you really got me shifting in my boots. this song is big in japan.
17. tdslemonhead download1:11
The Dirty Sanchez.
18. dsfR.F. download1:52
back when R.F. was alive, he used to sit in on improvisational jazz bands in nightclubs, playing various instruments like drums, bass, alto sax, and piano. he always recorded his performance onto DAT. a few days before he died, he spliced them all together to make this song.
19. andrubbahead, produced by lemonhead download1:02
this song starts with some funky breaks and then cuts into a classic rubbahead melody ... then back to funky breaks again! just when you least expected it. and!
20. datlemonhead download0:57
jazz from dates and mushrooms.
21. sablemonhead download1:48
sa(a)b makes me want to cry.
22. dsclemonhead download2:10
Dreamscope. One of the "Floor of Sound" series of songs. This is what you look at a dreamscape through.
23. mumlemonhead download1:20
maximum density. one of the "Floor of Sound" songs. this song shows how dense you can make a mix before it starts to sound too poncey.
24. pawlemonhead download2:41
evil's paw. this is another song in the "Floor of Sound" series of songs. if you find yourself in evil's paw, listen to this song to find out the secret of how to escape! here's a hint: jumping out doesn't help!
25. spclemonhead download2:56
space capsule. another song in the "Floor of Sound" series. this is about how even though Bach got his music put on a space capsule, our music has wider distribution to sentient listeners because it's on the internet!
26. trolemonhead download2:24
funkatronic. part of the "Floor of Sound" series of songsthis song was written using trumpets. that makes it funky.
27. suflemonhead download2:20
didn't the world need just one more song about pain and human suffering before it was content? this song was written under the auspices of the "Under the Floor of Sound" corporation of San Bernadino. it was not, however, a work-for-hire.
28. artrubbahead download0:56
we think you'll like this son"art"a for piano and electrical guitar
29. poslemonhead download1:44
positional herb.
30. nooR.F. download1:14
i found this song in R.F.'s will, with the following note "Every 'new' musical genre in recent history has been a melding of two previous genres, so I hereby bestow upon the world the Acid Hoedown."
31. arglemonhead download1:03
argyle gargoyle
32. mudrubbahead download0:53
you're in deep mud, mister!
33. umpR.F. download0:52
hey ump, that guy's playing a violin with no rosin. how about a warning? but i don't want to watch out i don't get killed?
34. wudlemonhead download1:33
this song emulates wood siding.
35. slolemonhead download0:49
R.F., play those piano riffs in proper rhythm or we'll mess with your life.
36. webrubbahead download1:12
this song was inspired by hte brothers crenshaw and w.e.b. dubois.
37. 800lemonhead download2:00
a cast of eight hundreds conspired to make this song. actually, there was just one, and i multitracked. so sue us.
38. crplemonhead download1:39
Cr(i)p(es)! I was certain that this stylistic blend of Musical Death Metal, Punk, Ska, and Ironic Skiffle would just turn out average, but it's actually pretty good!
39. cmaR.F. download1:07
every year, millions of people go into comas... but hey, that's life, you know? at least that's what i used to think until my uncle Rheumatism went into a coma. I was searching through R.F.'s old room and i found this track on a CD under his bed... i played it for old rheau and he woke up!! I think it's because it explores new territory in grungy start-stop dynamics.
Total playing time: 60:00

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