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Track details:
01. bullemonhead download1:32
This song depicts a day in the life of an ambulance driver.
02. pnkguitar - rubbahead, vocals ruBBahead/lemonhead download2:29
punk rock rocks. we are punk in this song.
03. th1rubbalemon head download1:39
odd song 1. we banded on the bongos and they were very moody. this is why it is a mood song. period.
04. hollemonhead download1:50
holistic healing... i heard this exact sequence of sounds in the dream i had, and i've spend the past week tweaking various machines and programs of my own devising in order to reproduce it.
05. oldR.F. and Lemonhead download1:24
we brought in and old guy who plays piano to do this song. he just sat and played our compisitions for hours. we had to puzzle out the sheet music for him cause neither of us knows standard musical notation. it was hard! but the end result was worth it. we pressed his recording to shellac, and then had a DJ come in and scratch with it.. it turned out well.
06. sirlemonhead download1:46
sir han solo
07. linrubbaHeAD download0:53
this is dedicated to [lin]ens & things
08. pislemonhead download1:47
09. minlemonhead download1:32
We went over this min-max problem in calculus class... this song is made up of samples of my teacher speaking his native language--Finnish.
10. carlemonhead download1:13
This song is about the car that ran over R.F. after he died. It was a sweet 1995 Firebird Calimari F7 with whitewall tires.
11. oweRubbaHeart download0:46
owe o oweo - owe o oweo
12. th2rubbahead / l3monhead (lemon) download1:58
wow! this guy can sing lounge like nobody else! he doesn't even sound human!
13. bdhrubbahead download0:44
bass drum hell
14. bgrlemonhead download2:03
a hambooger? i should be so lucky!
15. oholemonhead download2:02
i'd like three hos for christmas, santa. ho ho ho. we worked hard on this one... lemonhead played the guitar+bass+drums, and we brought in people to play strings. we added resonance effects to the strings. you can hear the synthesizer lemonhead built playing 909-like drums halfway into the song.
16. AD2ruBBahaed download1:27
17. afdBy Africans! as told to rubbahead and lemonhead download1:20
African Drums. We were traveling in Kenya when we came across a Christians church, with a bunch of African in towels beating on drums. We didn't have our usualy DAT setup, but we did have a nifty Sony MyFirstWalkman to record this beeting. We taught them sheet musik and gave them our drum composition to play! HERE IS IT, THE AFRICAN BEAT FROM REAL AFRICANS!!
18. cldrubba ah lemon download0:53
Children Drums. We were traveling in a PreSchool when we came across a Christians church, with a bunch of Children in towels beating on drums. We didn't have our usualy DAT setup, but we did have a nifty Sony MyFirstWalkman to record this beeting. We taught them sheet musik and gave them our drum composition to play! HERE IS IT, THE CHILDREN BEAT FROM REAL CHILDREM!!
19. ljkcracklickin' rubbahed download0:55
lick jacks krack
20. bsyrubbahead back from a bass-fishing trip. he found a lot! download0:19
Christmas is cuming and Santa knows you want some BASS!
21. iddBy Native Americans! as told to rubbahead and lemonhead download1:17
Indian Drums. We were traveling in Wyoming when we came across a Christians church, with a bunch of Indians in towels beating on drums. We didn't have our usualy DAT setup, but we did have a nifty Sony MyFirstWalkman to record this beeting. We taught them sheet musik and gave them our drum composition to play! HERE IS IT, THE INDIAN BEAT FROM REAL INDIANS!!
22. mllruBBaHEAD download0:48
mary had a little lamb. where did she have it? do people know the truth that mary had sex with a cow and then she "had the lamb?"
23. dowlemonhead download1:08
window jones. Rubbahead and I were washing the windows of our neighbors house cause we're nice guys and also cause he was pissed that we blast loud music at all hours of the night. Rubbahead's squeegee started making squeaky noises so he made a rhythm out of it and I took out a tape recorder and got it on tape. It became the basis for this song.
24. crclemonhead download1:02
cyclic redundancy check -- in other words, checksum. this is the song we wrote to compare to all the other songs, to make sure there are no errors in duplication,
25. btflemonhead download1:52
beautiful beautiful beautiful
26. sshlemonhead download1:51
thank you for coming to loews, sit back and relax, and enjoy the show
27. wetlemonhead download0:57
28. ognlemonhead download0:57
org(a)n hades
29. kaerubbahead download0:58
da crack is da phun
30. chmlemonhead download0:26
this is our attempt at expressing the futility of breakbeats
31. tixlemonhead download2:04
Tickets, please, tickets please. You are about to embark on a journey like no other journey you ever wanted to take. Meet the Honorable Captain Pepper aboard his cruise liner, to take from your home, far away but never alone. Note the beautiful scenery, water as far as the eye can see. Any mathematicians on board? Care to tell us how far the horizon is? What's that? Oh, about 50 feet above sea level. Well, we can wait. In the meantime, Horace here will hand out the fliers for... that far, eh? Wow, folks, we have the official word. Can we put that information in our brochure, sir? Thank you, thank you very much! Here, have a flier.
32. jp8supadupa rubbahead!!!!!!!!!!! download1:21
this song is RuBBaHEAD playing around with the arpeggiator on our beloved JP8000 when he should be working on a new song instead
33. jpnrubBaH3Ad download0:55
Me and my dad just got back from spending a summer in Japan. I hung out with a bunch of japanese heavy metal bands... dude, those guys can ROCK! they were playing this melody one day and i thought it was awesome, so i asked them for the sheet music, but they said that it had been handed down from father to son for generations, so they didn't trust me with it. i slung out my guitar and showed them my stuff... we jammed for about an hour and thus won their trust, and then one of them went over to their Mac SE and printed it out. they said it might go well over a house beat!
34. hublemonhead download1:31
35. ituthe onion-free rubbahead download1:09
its the undercooked onion!!! NO!!!
36. gi2the 1 and only rubbahead download0:56
guitar song 2. wow, this guy can bend a note 5 octaves up AND down! CHRIST!
37. itclemonhead download1:22
38. clcl3monhead on gweetar, rubbahead on drumz.. (lemon) download1:54
more classical riffs than money can buy. Don't ask me where I got those Stradivarious Bongos..they were a rare find.
39. cymrubbahead download1:02
Cymbol Hell. One of many. There are no lyrics to this song, but you could easily sing along in spanish! It would sound pretty good too.
40. cellemonhead download1:57
celeste: This is a song I wrote about my dad's girlfriend. She's hot.
41. XxXrubbahead download0:49
There is not a "Hate Songs" section, the opposite of hate is Love, so I guess you could call this a "Love" Song. Ohh yea, Smush is not resposible for stereo damage while listening to this song. =)
42. maoR.F. and Lemonhead download1:09
we developed software to let us have conversations with hobbits & world leaders. the first personality we coded in was bilbo baggins. the second was mao tse tung. unfortunately, the hard workers at systran haven't put chinese or hobbit support into babelfish yet, so we tried coaxing them into writing drum tracks. bilbo has no sense of rhythm, but here's mao, funking out. we call this "mousie dung"
43. sodlemonhead download0:50
smeg off. or, as they say in ancient scotland, "bon voyage!"
44. fsklemonhead download2:54
lutefisk. from our field trip to norway, we bring back this folk song we learnt which has been passed down from hand to mouth for generations. it's about a big fish.
Total playing time: 59:41

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