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Smush has a bunch of members:
Lemon Head
Growing up locked in the basement studio of a cottage in the bucolic college town of Compton, Lemon Head had little to occupy his time aside from music. His parents promised him freedom in exchange for learning to make great music, but he's still in the fucking basement now, so who knows what the hell is happening.

Rubba Head
i lika to chew

I met Danny, and he was quite terryfing, because I knew I'd slaughter him later. He looked at me and yelled and I fell. I went home and put on a nice warm sweater. I looked at Danny, and he was running. His jelly belly shaking, lit on fire. Stop drop and roll, I said. Roll, to put out the fire.

Smush has also had some guest members:
The West Quote
He came from the West to do battle with the Amazing Rando. The West Quote contributed the song "kip" to the album Smush the State.

The Desperate Monkey
Before the Desperate Monkey could even talk, he was writing hit radio singles. He just couldn't tell you the names of any. After the Desperate Monkey could talk, he became a Disparate Monkey, so it's lucky that we caught him in time to write some bitchin' tunes.

The Desperate Monkey was responsible for your Facial Fantasies 5 and 6 on the Fear the Downbeat album.

K.C. Kettle Drum
K.C., named for famous bassist K.C. Munchkin, came into our studio one day, rocked our worlds with a meta-remix of Light My Fire, then vanished, never to be seen again. You can hear Lite My Fart, the only evidence of his existence, on the Smush the State LP.

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