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Track details:
01. etcr.f. and lemonhead download3:15
this treasure is a classic masterpiece that everyone can enjoy with life.
02. utolemonhead download2:16
the untamed orchestra
03. oso borroso (chex party mix)lemonhead and r.f. fffffffff download1:34
the late r.f. got totally hopped up on whatever he's got there in that coffin, and he produced this magnificent remix of lemonhead's new classic, oso borroso.
04. fuxlemonhead download1:46
craisy like a fux,
05. roklemonhead download2:08
you willn't stop the rock. but when it hits you in the head, it'll stop by itself.
06. doctor gradus ad parnassumr.f. download1:53
r.f. recently found out that under the laws in the afterlife, the rachmaninoff song he recorded for the upcoming smush album is still under copyright. debussy's music is up for grabs, though, because he was brutally murdered in the afterlife shortly after he died here in reality. so here's what you're getting instead of rachmaninoff. if you've got a problem with that, talk to the ghost of mark chapman.
07. kipthe west quote download2:07
curious kip and the slighting
08. niclemonhead download1:00
good jazz. nice jazz.
09. dullemonhead download1:18
we think your dul
10. cuelemonhead download1:26
This is what you get when you check into a Japanese capsule hotel drunk, with a sh-101, tr-909, and a four track. Story of my life, really.
11. jawr.f. download1:30
jawing at the gag. nummy.
12. herlemonhead download2:07
13. ronrubbahayid and lemonhead download0:46
ron or mo-ron? you be the judge.
14. ttiR.F. download1:43
Quit hitting my orchestra!
15. lite my fartlemonhead and k.c. kettle drum download1:44
a meta-remix of "light my fire," guaranteed no trace of the original left, for copyright purposes.
16. lvglemonhead download1:19
loving whom? i ask you.
17. ub4lemonhead download3:12
kill ub4 u die
18. liclemonhead download1:31
my dog has lice
19. danny boy (live)lemonhead download2:51
This is our first ever live performance, done last week at the Marked Papyrus club. I think we were a big hit! I saw a couple people taking pictures at the club that night... if you're one of them and took any of us, send it to us and we'll put it up!
20. ffor.f. download1:51
you ffool! you've doomed us all!
21. dmflemonhead download2:13
dance, morgan freeman, dance, morgan freeman, dance. dance, morgan freeman, dance, morgan freeman, dance.
22. gomlemonhead download1:34
this song is gommed to your wall. you'd better go scrape it off.
23. m4tlemonhead & rubbahayid download0:43
what do you call a guy named mat lying on the floor?
24. hahlemonhead download2:05
i like this song. if you don't, you're wrong!
25. oddlemonhead download1:57
wodden tubas all over this song, but they're completely silent, allowing the drums and piano to dominate the mix.
26. lidlemonhead download2:39
keep a lid on it, you big pansy
27. ogglemonhead download1:51
if you need a knee, visit michael kneesmith.
28. ramen cubelemonhead download6:32
welcome to the ramen cube
Total playing time: 56:51

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