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Playing Hard To Listen To EP

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Track details:
01. misc (incoherence mix) lemonhead and punapau download 3:06
this is a remix of the song "misc" by punapau
02. Mr. Nutty Presents... lemonhead download 1:11
This is the fourth song I made for the Pokey The Penguin Soundtrack Album.
03. sally's ribbon lemonhead download 2:05
This is the first song I wrote for the Pokey the Penguin soundtrack album
04. snp rubba/lemonhead download 2:11
sonic noise project - do you want this in your SONY playstation game?
05. oso lemonhead download 1:31
oso borroso
06. wez rubbahead and lemonhead download 1:51
That's the way it goez. Wesside!
07. 44 lemon download 1:54
44 ways to tell a DJ that his profession sucks.
08. gbh lemonhead download 0:49
grase brum heebiejeebies
09. crk rubbahead download 0:49
crack kills. just ask rubbahead.
10. hex lemonhead download 0:58
11. pap lemonhead download 1:37
pick a path
12. ww3 lemonhead download 0:59
world wario three
13. bsd lemonhead download 1:00
bass drum hades. this song was inspired by the poor souls in the music industry who go through bass drum hades every day of their lives.
14. xaw lemonhead download 0:59
15. glo lemonhead download 1:37
Glowbug. This song was inspired by the sirens of a nearby fire station. Every once in a while our recording is interrupted by the sound of blaring sirens and we just shake our heads and think "whoops, there goes another fire." We wrote this song in honor of the boys in red who go put out the hot fires.
16. gut lemonhead download 2:09
I've got a gut feeling about this one
17. y2k r.f. download 1:13
for a dead man, r.f. has been incredibly prolific as of late. also: this is the song you've waited for all your life.
18. naw lemonhead download 2:09
"You know how fast you were going, son?" "Umm, about 55 mph?" "Naw."
19. wanking lemonhead download 1:55
This is the 3rd song I did for the Pokey The Penguin soundtrack album. It's four layers of me wanking over my CZ-101.
20. dos lemonhead download 2:23
Dance of Steel
21. cup lemonhead download 1:55
1 cup of salt. this song is our answer to haydn's "Surprise". haydn was a punk, by the way. a classical chease artist if there ever was one.
22. misc (negatory mix) lemonhead and punapau download 2:54
this is the fourth incarnation of punapau's MISC: a remix of his remix of my remix.
23. 256 lemonhead and not rubbahead! it's a lie! download 11:22
A couple of days ago, RubbaHead said to me: Dude, we have to make a really epic song. And I said no, all our songs are short and we can't change now! And he said that's exactly why we have to change now! He was right! So we went into the studio and recorded this 10 minute epic! Lemonhead on Guitar&Drums, Rubbahead on Bass&Vocals
24. ramen cube (reprise) lemonhead download 16:42
Welcome back to the Ramen Cube. Please enjoy the PC speaker epic.
25. FF7 rubbahead download 0:57
fecal fantasy seven
Total playing time: 66:16

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